• Aluminium heavy-duty stepladder
  • Deep tread steps (120 mm) with non-slip ribbed surface and double-rivet
  • Non-slip powder coated platform free of sharp edges and safety rail
  • Safety straps from 5 steps and slip-resistant feet
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5604620010538 3 0,57m 2,57m 1,20m 0,41m 1,20m 0,14m 3,78kg
5604620010545 4 0,79m 2,79m 1,41m 0,45m 1,51m 0,14m 4,57kg
5604620010552 5 1,02m 3,02m 1,63m 0,48m 1,74m 0,14m 5,42kg
5604620010569 6 1,23m 3,23m 1,84m 0,50m 1,89m 0,14m 6,34kg
5604620010576 7 1,44m 3,44m 2,06m 0,53m 2,20m 0,14m 7,20kg
5604620010583 8 1,65m 3,65m 2,27m 0,59m 2,43m 0,14m 8,08kg