Elite X3

Elite X3
  • Aluminium professional 3 section combination ladder
  • Professional and easy-to-use hook to transform the ladder in standing position
  • Comfortable non-slip rung (30×30 mm) and inner width of the ladder 300 mm
  • Slip-resistant cross-beam and safety straps
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5604620330063 3x6 1,76m 4,00m 3,87m 5,06m 2,88m 2,78m 3,97m 0,48m 0,16m 11,38kg
5604620330070 3x7 2,04m 4,56m 4,41m 5,60m 3,16m 3,06m 4,25m 0,48m 0,18m 13,19kg
5604620330087 3x8 2,32m 5,12m 4,95m 6,14m 3,72m 3,60m 4,79m 0,48m 0,18m 14,96kg
5604620330094 3x9 2,60m 6,52m 6,30m 7,49m 4,28m 4,14m 5,33m 0,48m 0,19m 17,12kg
5604620330100 3x10 2,88m 6,80m 6,57m 7,76m 4,84m 4,68m 5,87m 0,48m 0,19m 19,31kg
5604620330124 3x12 3,44m 7,64m 7,38m 8,57m 5,68m 5,49m 6,68m 0,48m 0,20m 23,32kg