• Mobile aluminium warehouse platform
  • Castors wheels, large steps (120 mm) and platform (455×600 mm) to improve comfort and increase performance of the product, tool holder and safety handrails
  • Easy assembly and transport
  • Ideal for use in warehouses
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5604620150050 5 1,10m 3,10m 2,00m 0,58m 3,13m 0,24m 27,13kg
5604620150067 6 1,30m 3,30m 2,20m 0,58m 3,37m 0,24m 30,11kg
5604620150074 7 1,50m 3,50m 2,40m 0,62m 3,62m 0,24m 34,44kg
5604620150081 8 1,70m 3,70m 2,60m 0,62m 3,86m 0,24m 35,75kg
5604620150098 9 1,90m 3,90m 2,80m 0,62m 4,11m 0,24m 38,71kg
5604620150104 10 2,10m 4,10m 3,00m 0,62m 4,35m 0,24m 40,59kg
5604620150111 11 2,30m 4,30m 3,20m 0,62m 4,60m 0,24m 42,19kg
5604620150128 12 2,50m 4,50m 3,40m 0,62m 4,84m 0,24m 44,88kg