• Aluminium professional multi-purpose telescopic ladder
  • Ladder can be used in 3 different positions: extension ladder position, standing position and working on uneven ground
  • Comfortable non-slip rung (30×30 mm) and inner width of the ladder 300 mm
  • Multiflex hinges, sliding mechanism with locks and slip-resistant feet
  • Jumbo stabilizer for maximum stability and prepared for uneven surfaces
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5604620001352 3+4 1,22m 3,47m 3,35m 4,54m 1,77m 1,71m 2,90m 0,56m 0,22m 11,46kg
5604620001369 4+4 1,22m 4,03m 3,89m 5,08m 2,05m 1,98m 3,17m 0,56m 0,22m 12,61kg
5604620001376 4+5 1,50m 4,59m 4,43m 5,62m 2,33m 2,25m 3,44m 0,56m 0,22m 13,55kg
5604620001413 5+5 1,50m 5,15m 4,97m 6,16m 2,61m 2,52m 3,71m 0,56m 0,22m 17,69kg
5604620001437 5+6 1,78m 5,71m 5,51m 6,70m 2,89m 2,79m 3,98m 0,56m 0,22m 18,83kg
5604620001420 6+6 1,78m 6,27m 6,06m 7,24m 3,17m 3,06m 4,25m 0,56m 0,22m 20,36kg