Data from the World Health Organization indicate that falls from a height are the second leading cause of unintentional injuries worldwide, only surpassed by road accidents. In a professional context, namely in industry and construction, they are the most common cause of death and injury.

Although the law defines that only for heights greater than 3 meters the use of fall protection is mandatory, most of the fatal falls occur at heights less than 3 meters. This is proof that even for lower heights where the perception of danger is reduced, all safety precautions must be taken.

The main reasons for accidents are related to:

– The use of the product not complying with the safety instructions
– The incorrect choice of equipment for the task to be performed
– Exceeding the access height allowed by the product
– Transport injuries due to excessive product weight

Health and safety organizations believe that 100% of these accidents can be prevented. This is the focus we work with at Ferral.

Formação profissional de segurança em trabalho em altura
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