Fibra Corda X2

Fibra Corda X2
  • Fiberglass professional 2 section extension ladder – rope operated
  • Rope mechanism to facilitate the opening of the ladder
  • Comfortable non-slip rung (30×30 mm) and inner width of the ladder 300 mm
  • Slip-resistant safety cross-beam
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5604620152092 2x9 2,60m 4,28m 4,14m 5,33m 0,41m 0,12m 14,81kg
5604620152108 2x10 2,88m 4,84m 4,68m 5,87m 0,41m 0,12m 16,13kg
5604620152129 2x12 3,44m 5,96m 5,76m 6,95m 0,41m 0,12m 19,77kg
5604620152146 2x14 4,00m 7,08m 6,84m 8,03m 0,41m 0,12m 21,44kg