Pirl Plus

Pirl Plus
  • Aluminium mobile working platform with safety guardrails
  • Fall protection safety gates with automatic meachanism and toolholder
  • Welded steps to increase strength and performance of the product
  • Simple height adjustment (adjustable on uneven surfaces), easy transport and storage
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Pirl Plus

3-4 560 4620 060137 Min: 0,72m
Max: 0,95m
Min: 1,80m
Max: 2,03m
Min: 2,72m
Max: 2,95m
0,67m 2,23m 0,48m 24,30kg
4-6 560 4620 060144 Min: 0,95m
Max: 1,42m
Min: 2,03m
Max: 2,50m
Min: 2,95m
Max: 3,42m
0,67m 2,49m 0,48m 27,08kg
5-8 560 4620 060151 Min: 1,19m
Max: 1,89m
Min: 2,27m
Max: 2,97m
Min: 3,19m
Max: 3,89m
0,67m 2,74m 0,48m 30,13kg
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